Idea of ​​the association

Support research related to the death and liberty of the human being to rationally choose their personal destiny.

Promote a climate of favorable and tolerant public opinion with the aims of the association, currently and with the utmost respect verso the different opinions.

Search for legal and social recognition of the rights discussed here.

To defend especially the rights of patients to be informed about the diagnosis and treatment of their illness, in terms that they can understand, and to make decisions about their treatment, including the right to reject it, as well as to have the means considered necessary to avoid suffering.

Disseminate the document of Advance Will (Living Will) and ensure compliance and respect for these decisions taken in advance.

Personal attention to End-of-Life partner; Advice on patient’s rights (rejection of treatment, limitation, limitation of therapeutic effort, living will, terminal sedation), assistant resources, etc.

Any other legal activity with the intention of achieving the objectives of the association.

Any profit motive is excluded.