The education group of DMD-CAT pretends to introduce in educational institutions the issue of ‘Death’, due to the fact that in the very few times that it has been addressed, it has been in relation to mourning, always a posteriori, to manage pain and loss.

In our group, we do not work from that perspective but, from the naturalization of death as part of our life. We die because we live. Death is simply the end of life.

Meanwhile, our student body is used to having daily contact with a death based on banality through videogames and movies. It does not integrate the perception of our vulnerability as an essential part in their personal growing, the conscience that we all are mortal beings. If we want to work our emotional competencies, we cannot ignore this subject.

Why do we only talk about life but never about its ending? When we approach past and actual societies, we should also learn how they die and the way in which they approach this subject. There is no need to reiterate its importance in imagining these societies.

We are interested in insisting especially how to manage the process of death. The right to a dignified death is a human right. While in the classroom, the right to vote or the right to breed have been achieved, the availability of our own body with respect to death is not discussed.

To move forward in this field, we have done during the first trimester of the school year 2016-2017, a teachers’ training course at the SE de Horta-Guinardó; Death, the last taboo at the classroom. How to work it out in class?

To enable the work in the classroom, we facilitate some work material in the course, as well as didactic proposals done by the faculty that attended this formation.

If you have any doubts on how to apply this formation system, do not hesitate to contact us at dmdcat.educacio/

We can also carry out activities at your centre.

-Didactic material for the student body.

-Didactic material and formation offer for the faculty.

-Fourth edition convocation of the Salvador Pániker Prize.

-Promotional spot from the student body of the Audiovisual Communications of the Pompeu Fabra University.

-“Death, the last taboo of education” (video presentation of the monograph ‘Academic Perspective’. In catalan).


-“Death, dignified and illustrated in the educational world”. Civic Centre Torre Llobeta.

Project Enterprise Talent. Organized by DMD’s educational department.

PROJECT’S TITLE; “Death, dignified and in movement”.



To accompany the student body in a practical basis to make an approach to the reality of the profession by which they are being formed. To share with the student body our knowledge as an entity and as professionals from different sectors.

To count on the faculty and student body to better interpret and give shape to the message of what DMD is about and how they see us, concepts so complex and important as the art of death, a dignified death and the living will.

To align the student body with the subject of dignified death, helping them reflect and be ready to face the subject of death as an important part of their upbringing, adulthood and emotional education.


Design and creation of:

-Animated infographic video.

-Posters design for different media.